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In Crypto world, trading has become for most of the investors as early comers earn more situation. There has been many Launchpads revealing for providing investors special presale opportunities in order them to be early buyers of the projects and also there is a security against rug pull built inside the Launchpads. Many investors are tired of rugs and losses so that many of them who can afford Launchpads’ costs started to prefer to invest in IDOs rather than buying already launched tokens. And many of the investors mostly can’t afford such expenses required for participating an IDO. Most famous launchpads require extreme amount of purchasing and staking to be able to buy from their launching IDOs. Some comes together for a tier raising and who doesn’t have such person around can’t get involved in such opportunity.

Another problem Launchpad investors facing is that the difficulty of tracking the upcoming IDOs, events, news, statistics, losses, earnings, comparisons between the launchpads etc. and even how to attend the new launchpad when it comes to requirements there are many differences between the launchpads. To track all these from many different websites and many different social media groups are creating a lot of difficulties for the investors

LaunchVerse brings a solution to this with a great vision by creating funds to buy high tiers in famous Launchpads & participate the IDOs and redistributing the IDO tokens bought to XLV holders, serving an opportunity of being a partner with secure project without paying any cent but only holding enough XLV in bag.

LaunchVerse calls this process as IDO shareholding. Not only this but also NFT redistribution is another unique thing that XLV does. Bringing a new breath to the market.

LaunchVerse also brings a solution to tracking problem by providing all the launchpads statistics, upcoming and past IDOs, events, news, losses & earnings of a wallet etc. It’s a Launchpad that also gives service as “Launchpad Guide”.

From the Crypto Side

LaunchVerse (powered by XLV) crypto’s first project which gives IDO (from the top Launchpads) tokens ‘IDO Shareholding’ and NFT to holders as redistribution beside XLV redistribution. And in addition to LaunchVerse having its own Launchpad it also is the first crypto platform providing all Launchpads statistics, upcoming IDOs and events.

LaunchVerse redistribution system is made up of 3 different rewarding

IDO Shareholding — Min 1m XLV holding for a month

Native token XLV — Everyone

NFT — Min 1m XLV holding for a month

The first Launchpad acting also as IDO platform Guide in order to provide all data and info in one platform in a shape of short and simple. Besides, creating easy opportunities for everyone to be able to participate in IDOs

From the NFT side

LaunchVerse creates its own NFT collections to redistribute to holders time by time. And these NFTs will bring holders additional privilege and right.

LaunchVerse will be periodically rewarding NFT to holders own more than 1m XLV, on its own website at a certain time with a first come first serve “Reserving system”. Holders who match the requirements will be able to reserve any NFT on the collection without any payment when the Countdown on the website is over. All you should do is to log in to system by entering your wallet (not connecting) if you match the requirements, you are ready to pick your NFT from the collection. Make sure you are fast to be the one reserving first.

Holders who have enough XLV to any door to private services can either sell their NFT or gift it to their friends them to be able to get advantage of Premium Services. Or else they can use the NFT to multiply their passive earnings and IDO participation rights.

There are two main use cases of the NFTs given to holders.

  1. Premium Services access.
  2. Premium Earnings access

NFT rewarded to holders will be another key to Premium Services

Premium Service Access

Wallet Tracking Tool

Tracking Tool is for to provide all necessary information about the

investments that investor has done in proper way with any details needed for easy use. With the tool we are creating an investor will not even need to check his wallet to be informed what he/she has done how much he/she has earned. All Launchpads that the wallet has participated will be shown in one platform so that an investor can easy track his moves earnings and decide further which Launchpad is better for him without spending many efforts in numberless platforms and comparisons. He/she can manage his investment and make decisions with best statistics of his past operations.

Private Group on Telegram

A Telegram Group where the investors are well and on time informed about upcoming IDOs on anywhere and upcoming events (like exchange listing or app-game release) of already launched projects so that they don’t miss any opportunity and they don’t need to visit tens of websites or TG groups but only one.

Another way to have this service is to hold 1m XLV

Premium Earning Access

NFT rewarded to holders will turn into extra rights on earnings.

Spacial APY on Staking & Farming

NFT owning will generate an increase of %10 on the APY of Staking & Farming to the owner.

So if normal APY is 45% for the specific pool by LaunchVerse NFT owning the investor will have opportunity to get a rate of 49.5% APY for either Staking or Farming. Additional NFT will generate additional 10% on the APY. So, the investor in the case of owning 2 NFTs will have 54.45% APY on above example.

IDO Participation

NFT owners will get a key to first Tier with 500k XLV only. If the owner already has upper tiers, then he/she gets increase on their share with an amount of 10%.

IDO Participation share increasing

In the case of NFT owners already having and upper Tiers, NFT that the investor owns will be an additional 10% increase on their limit of buy.

So, if to assume that there is an IDO that tier 4 investor having chance of buying with 180 BUSD with the NFT he/she owns will have chance to buy the same IDO 180+10% which is 198 BUSD. Each additional NFT will bring cumulative 10% increase to the investor. So, if the investor owns 2 NFTs he will have chance to but 198+10% which is 217.8 BUSD.

IDO Shareholding share increasing

To premium holders who already has access to IDO shareholding owning, NFT owning will be counted as another 1m XLV holding and the same amount of increasing of the share he/she gets over all.

Lottery Tickets

NFT owning means extra tickets for the Lotteries will be run on the platform. Extra NFTs will bring extra tickets.

Link to Whitepaper for more

LaunchVerse Overview — LaunchVerse

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Launch Verse

LaunchVerse is a crypto IDO platform focussing on upcoming projects in the market and other Launchpads’ performances over the IDOs launched on their platforms.