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Project development is not only about production but also about marketing. In Crypto Space marketing most of the time take bigger spot than the development. No matter how great some of the projects are, they fail at some point because of lack of marketing. Marketing matters a lot in Crypto Space. And costs a lot too. Most of the cases marketing costs drive projects to bankruptcy.

What is it?

At this point LaunchVerse brings solution to prevent such potential financial crisis with the Affiliate Marketing. People who make natural marketing to their environments and actually make others to meet with the LaunchVerse and make them buy XLV will be rewarded as marketing promoter rather than directly paying massive amounts to outsource Marketers and gambling on the result being positive or not while on the other side there are many investors bringing their friends just by mouth-to-mouth Marketing to the project. We believe this should be rewarded cause its actually what all projects expect from marketing promoters to realize.

How its funded?

There is a tax allocation from each transaction being realized on XLV smart contract. That’s 11% Buy and 11% for Sell. And 4% of it goes to Development & Marketing wallet of XLV. This fund mostly works as 50=50% to Development and Marketing. So, there is actually 2% standing for Marketing. And LaunchVerse decides to pay this % directly to those who achieved gaining others to the ecosystem.

In simple words with an example: Person B buys 100$ worth of XLV by Person A’s directing. Person A gets 2% of the purchase which is 2$ worth BNB or BUSD. Not XLV. Just because distributing XLV will cause dump pressure LaunchVerse avoids Native Token redistribution or giving away contests as much as possible. There is only 1% of Native Token Redistribution by each transaction starting from second week of launch and this also may turn into a complete IDO redistribution depending on the volume of the Investment wallet.

How It works?

There is a Telegram bot built by the name of LaunchVerse Airdrop & Affiliate which you can reach by the link below.

This bot works to create affiliate links under the name of ref link to appliers. Once you are done with the required tasks you are automatically participated to the Airdrop Contest and after that you will get a ref link which you can share with anyone you know or not to invite them complete the same tasks. This will provide:

1) More chance to get the prize of the Airdrop which is 50$/person

2) A key to the Affiliate prize of 2% of the purchased amount. This requires the person who has completed all the tasks by your ref link to make a purchase and this is more than a rewarding, more like getting paid for the job done. If people who completed the tasks through your link and bought 100k in total. That’s 2000$ for Affiliate earning for you.

Payments to be done every week.

Telegram Contact for the details:



Launch Verse

LaunchVerse is a crypto IDO platform focussing on upcoming projects in the market and other Launchpads’ performances over the IDOs launched on their platforms.